New Publications

“The World and I” – A celebration of Christian Morgenstern’s 150th birthday

On May 6, 1871, famous humoristic poet, dramatist, translator and aphorist Christian Morgenstern was born in Munich.

To celebrate his 150th birthday, Urachhaus is publishing an elegant new collection of poems from all phases of Morgenstern’s eventful life and creative work on March 17. On about 140 pages, the poet in all his thematic and atmospheric diversity is accompanied by a selection of Quint Buchholz pictures.

A fine linen-bound anthology for fans of Morgenstern’s and all those interested in literature, for exploring and rediscovering, laughing, feeling and immersing oneself in. With an afterword by David Marc Hoffmann.

Christian Morgenstern / Quint Buchholz
The World and I: Christian Morgenstern’s Life in Poetry (German)
Hardcover 143 pages
€ 16,00 (D)

“The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow”: New edition

Since 2015, Luis Sepúlveda’s The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow — a world author’s love declaration for the inconspicuous and the slow — has been seducing readers big and small into deceleration and mindfulness. Recently, these classic topics have yet gained in importance.

On August 26, 2020, half a year after the Chilean author’s premature death, the Fischer/Sauerländer publishing house launched a new pocket edition of the story about a small, inquisitive snail on a big expedition that ponders why she is so slow.

A book for all dreamers and those searching for happiness. Together with its tender colorful illustrations by Quint Buchholz, it invites its readers to pause for a moment — and opens many unknown perspectives.

Luis Sepúlveda / Quint Buchholz
The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow
Hardcover 80 pages
€ 10,00 (D)

“The Ocean Book”: An odyssey from Atlantis to Sardinia

A fascinating collection of texts about the many mysteries of the ocean, selected by Matthias Reiner and subtly illustrated by Quint Buchholz, was released by the Insel publishing house on March 9, 2020.

On 119 classily designed pages, authors as diverse as Plato and Thomas Mann, Axel Hacke and Judith Schalansky marvel at the everlasting sway of the waves, at lost islands, mighty monsters, fateful adventures, bourgeois beach vacations, and much more.

A many-facetted anthology and a beautiful gift book, as well as perfectly light vacation reading: A pirate’s chest filled with pictorial and narrative ocean treasures that manage to spark both yearning and awe.

„The sea is a space of yearning that fuels the desire for new horizons, and Buchholz, one of the best-known illustrators of the country and virtuoso of the shades of blue, knows its moods and light ambiance only too well.”
(Udo Watter for Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2020)

“Clever and gorgeous”
(Petra Herrmann for Kultura the Online Magazine, 2020)

Matthias Reiner and Quint Buchholz
Das Meerbuch
Hardcover 119 pages
€ 14,00 (D)

“To Everything There Is a Season”: Wise words on serenity

On March 9, 2020, Munich publisher Hanser released a new book by Quint Buchholz. “To Everything There Is a Season” pairs the most beautiful and catchy passage from a piece of famous wisdom literature with pictures that reveal surprising connections, offer a new perspective on the long-known, the tried and tested.

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…” It is not only a deep sentiment of serenity that resonates in these well-known verses penned by King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8). There is also the hope of finding comfort and assurance in them, even in the darkest of moments. Quint Buchholz’s condensed picture narratives add a contemporary interpretation of this theme. Once more they point to the richness of life and the magic of slowing down, of pausing for a moment, of listening to the quiet voices and moods.

“For every line there is a picture, sometimes real, sometimes surreal: […] A tension-filled, poetic and comforting dialogue.”
(Niels Beintker for Culture Stage, Bavarian Broadcasting Service, 2020)

Quint Buchholz
Alles hat seine Zeit
Hardcover 64 pages
€ 16,00 (D)

“The Bliss of Slowness” published by Gütersloher Verlagshaus

„Time is not passing faster than in earlier times, but we do walk by faster.“
George Orwell

On April 22, 2019, German publisher Gütersloher Verlagshaus released a special book: “The Bliss of Slowness” (“Vom Glück der Langsamkeit”) by Quint Buchholz is not just a beautiful coffee-table book. It also communicates a quiet but urgent message that is worth hearing.

On 112 pages, texts by different world-class authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Mascha Kaléko or Friedrich Nietzsche enter into a dialogue with many new and some old pictures by “humanist surrealist” Quint Buchholz (Lena Naumann for mundus). Together they speak about the topic of time, time of a kind that has become rare, maybe even critically endangered: unstructured time, slow time, idle time, time of stillness.

The world, or thus it seems, is turning faster and faster – people keep ceaselessly rushing, accelerating, networking, reshaping, doing. That, in turn, seems to be doing them no good at all – no room remains to pause for a moment and quiet down. To simply be a human being, experiencing the bliss of gazing at the world in wonder.

In this book, Quint Buchholz is pleading for an attentive, yet relaxed approach to the resource of time. He creates islands for his readers, on which, as German poet Christian Morgenstern has aptly phrased it, we once again “feel the pulse of our own hearts. Quietness on the inside, quietness on the outside. Learning anew how to catch our breath, that’s what it is.”

We do not just turn the page but contemplate the unusual, the more or less irritating, the always slightly fantastic, and feel the bliss of slowness. This is not a book for reading but a book for feeling.
Sascha Pommrenke, Koreander Der Bücherblog (21. März 2020)

“A poetical plea in texts and images for times lost in dreams, for unscheduled, unmanaged time, for moments of leisure and quietude.”
Udo Watter for Süddeutsche Zeitung (May 3, 2019)

Quint Buchholz
Vom Glück der Langsamkeit
Hardcover 112 pages
€ 20,00 (D)

“Sonne, Mond und Abendstern” published by Hanser

On July 24, “Sonne, Mond und Abendstern” (“Sun, Moon and Evening Star”), a new collection of lullabies by Dorothée Kreusch-Jacob and Quint Buchholz, was published by Hanser. Over 224 pages, the composer and music pedagogue Dorothée Kreusch-Jacob has compiled a wide variety of songs, poems and stories that complement bedtime rituals and help create a space for calmness, tranquility, and a feeling of security.

They are complemented by over 70 evening and night pictures by Quint Buchholz, which were created over the course of 34 years. However, Quint Buchholz has also painted a large number of new pictures for this book.

Beginning July 27, a complementary CD, which features a selection of 24 lullabies, will also be available through Argon. The songs were arranged and recorded by the Kreusch family and accompanied musically by Giora Feidmann and Klaus Doldinger (among others). The booklet contains a variety of night pictures by Quint Buchholz.

More information about the book is available on the website of the Hanser Publishing House. Additionally, you can give the CD a quick listen on Argon’s official website, or leaf through the book on Youtube.

Also, there is a set of informative films about the book and its makers that can be watched on a new documentary about Quint Buchholz and his pictures, an interview with Dorothée Kreusch-Jacob about the music that was selected for “Sonne, Mond und Abendstern”, as well as a talk with both Quint Buchholz and Dorothée Kreusch-Jacob about the idea behind the book.