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„Pictures full of humor, not tied to reality, whose richness of ideas baffle the observer and make them chuckle.”
(Ute Bößwetter im Oberbayerischen Volksblatt, 2020)

“There is no speed in Quint Buchholz’s pictures. Here, the moment crystallizes in an unheard-of fairy tale, in a story that can be told forwards and backwards. Stasis, marvel, openings, warmth, surprise, the light wings of the imagination, the natural appearance of the incredible – the sea, the sky, the clouds, quietness, beauty, the flower on the windowsill …”
(From the prologue to “The Bliss of Slowness” by Elke Heidenreich, 2019)

“He gives surrealism a new, cheerfully philosophical face… a delight for your eyes and mind.”
(Lena Naumann in Mundus, 2019)

“Assisted by Buchholz, Morgenstern, Benjamin, Nietzsche, Luxemburg or Kirsch, one can contemplate closely and calmly and possibly discover a new perspective […]. What an exhilarating experience it is, taking the time for that.”
(Heidi Ossenberg for the Badische Zeitung, 2019)

“Buchholz […] is a storyteller and poet with a paintbrush.”
(Udo Watter for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2019)

“With the strokes of his brush he opens the gate to imaginative, often fairytale-like worlds. He has mastered the shades of blue […]. One could say that, by taking up his brush and quill, Buchholz has taken up the cause of re-enchanting the world.”
(Udo Watter for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2019)

“You want to linger in front of these works for a long, a very long time, and keep discovering new details. The world that you find there is a complete counterdraft to the frenetic, impatient and sometimes gruff outside world on the other side of the gallery doors, with the result that you start wondering in ernest whether you should really ever leave the gallery again.”
(Birgit Kremer for the Augsburger Allgemeine, 2018)

“Quint Buchholz, master of the impossible, is a humanistic, a deeply life-affirming surrealist. His pictures quietly prompt reflection on whether the bounds of our possibilites might not be less firm than we believe. His new book lovingly escorts children to sleep and encourages them to take a stroll in the world of creative dreaming.”
(Lena Naumann for Mundus, 2018)

“It’s not just kids who – we just have to rave about it now – are absolutely enchanted by these pictures.”
(Abendzeitung, 2017)

“There is an abundance of unsaid and unsayable things hidden in Quint Buchholz’s animal pictures: tender, quiet, heartrending scenes, which seem so incorruptably realistic that firm beliefs start to unravel. The boundaries between the worlds dissolve. Animals and humans exchange their roles, and the viewer racks his brains: What’s going on here?”
(Joana Ortmann on BR Bayern 2, „KulturLeben“, 2016)

“Quint Buchholz’s art is a prompt to changing one’s perspective and asking fundamental questions in a new way.”
(Joana Ortmann on BR Bayern 2, „KulturLeben“, 2016)

“His pictures are often both magical and realistic, touchingly poetic … And always muted shades of blue, which infuse his pictures with a powerful calmness. They encourage reflection, take you on a magical journey and never cease to amaze the contemplator.”
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2016)

“Among illustrators, Quint Buchholz is something akin to the FC Barcelona among soccer clubs. For many years, he has inspired small and big readers with his incredible talent and an infallible feeling for atmospheres and child-oriented illustration. Breathtakingly beautiful!”
(, 2012)

“Quint Buchholz, a humanist Surrealist, tells us, through his quiet compositions, what an adventure it is to be human. His illustrations seem so apparently innocent and yet are at the same time so surprising that they sometimes take one’s breath away.”
(Lena Naumann for Mundus, 2011)

“His imaginary world has been gently seeping into the real world for some time. Quint Buchholz is not just a simple illustrator but a painter and sketcher of densely atmospheric magic moments.”
(Mathias Hejny for the Münchner Abendzeitung, 2011)

“There is no resolution at all in Buchholz’ picture-world. And no truth either. There’s only a way in, glowing with light and colour, into the interior of a world that remains secret and unfathomable.(…) Buchholz’ pictures are theatre performances in scenery of boundless fantasy. The calm which pervades them is lightly frozen movement. The suspended movement is a quiet moment of transition in a raging sea of absolute loss of all familiar landmarks.”
(Hans-Dieter Schütt for Neues Deutschland, 2011)

“No one can do skies like him, skies which so often occupy broad stretches of his canvas, skies which have a density and depth, skies so laden with longing, promise, secrets. And a bit enchanted, perhaps because we so rarely come across people, so rarely see their faces, almost never see their eyes open: a magical peace pervades all of Quint Buchholz’ pictures.”
(Stefan Dosch for the Augsburger Allgemeine, 2008)

“The large format work in acrylics, like the drawings, have something purifyingly meditative about them. But at the same time they invite you to discover the story they harbour. Because the pictures, despite their tranquility, pose questions, questions about the relationship between animals and man, the haunting nature of romance and where one fits in and feels at home.”
(Münchner Abendzeitung, 2005)

“Magical, reassuring, glorious.”
(Booklist/New York, 1999)

“The images themselves precisely evoke mysterious possibilities with a satisfyingly dreamy melancholy. Edward Hopper might have painted them after taking a few lessons from René Magritte.”
(Perry Nodelman for The New York Times Book Review, 1999)

“An instructive guide to an unprejudiced observation of the world. A play on the horizon’s borders that enables a serious discussion of the proper role of the imagination just as much as a simple playful association with it.”
(Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 1998)

“A typewriter, a teacup and a wide horizon: The Land of Quint Buchholz is lonely and beautiful. It is a land full of poetic peculiarities and quiet people who sit and who search, who wait and who wander about, mostly alone.”

“His finely balanced pointilist illustrations are masterpieces of atmospheric effect, they are pictures that guard riddles and give nothing away in advance.”
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“He draws or paints his pastel shaded illustrations as if they have been suspended. It gives them a special magic: they lead one’s gaze ever further on and give the observer a feeling of being carryied off into a story. Whereas in actual fact the observer is being enticed into telling his own story.”
(Die Welt, 1995)

“The painter and illustrator Quint Buchholz sees what no one otherwise observes. His imagination goes out for a walk in the softest of shoes.”
(Sächsische Zeitung)

“Clear and – as is so often the case in his illustrations – with such a sensual depth that the observer can scarcely drag himself away.”
(Siggi Seuß for DIE ZEIT, 1994)

“The master of clarity, reserve and tenderness.”