The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow

The Fischer publishing house has released Luis Sepúlveda’s wonderfully different animal story in German on September 24, 2015.

A young, inquisitive snail emerges from his metaphorical shell in Dandelion Land and embarks on a journey through the big world. He sets out to learn the reason why he is so slow, and to make himself a name – since all things have proper names except snails! His friendship with Memory the turtle soon teaches him the value of friendship, diversity and solidarity, and finally rewards him for his courage and perseverance.

A tribute to thoughtfulness, to children’s curiosity and the surprising perspectives in life that will be an inspiration to both growing and grown-up readers – illustrated by Quint Buchholz.

“This is what special books look like… unique works of art in the children’s book sector.”
Manuela Haselberger, in
Eselsohr, December 4, 2015

For more information about the book and a look at a longer excerpt, visit Fischer’s website.

Luis Sepúlveda
“Der langsame Weg zum Glück – Ein Schneckenabenteuer” (Original title: Historia de un caracol que descubrió la importancia de la lentitud)
Hardcover 80 pages
€ 14,99 (D)
ISBN 978-3-7373-5161-4

Also published as an audio book by Argon Hörbuchverlag.
€ 14,95 (D)
ISBN 978-3-8398-4708-4