Books with pictures by Quint Buchholz have been published in more than thirty countries and have won many national and international prizes. Most of them are either available through local bookstores or via internationally operating online book retailers like

The most recent publications are:

David Marc Hoffmann / Quint Buchholz
Die Welt und ich: Christian Morgensterns Leben in seiner Dichtung
(The World and I: Christian Morgenstern’s Life in His Poetry, 2021)

German edition

Matthias Reiner / Quint Buchholz
Das Meerbuch
(The Ocean Book, 2020)

German edition

Quint Buchholz
Alles hat seine Zeit
(To Everything There Is a Season, 2020)

German edition

Quint Buchholz
Vom Glück der Langsamkeit
(The Bliss of Slowness, 2019)

German edition

Dorothée Kreusch-Jacob and Quint Buchholz
Sonne, Mond und Abendstern: Das große Liederbuch zur guten Nacht
(Sun, Moon and Evening Star: The Great Collection of Lullabies, 2017)

German edition

Slava Polunin/feat. pictures by Quint Buchholz
The Alchemy of Snowness
(Alhimiya snezhnosti, 2014)

Russian edition (Academy of Fools, 2014)
English edition (Wilkinson Publishing, 2017)

Jean Giono/Quint Buchholz
Der Mann, der Bäume pflanzte
(The Man Who Planted Trees, 2016)

German edition
Chinese edition (Taiwan) (Grimm Press, 2007)
Chinese edition (China) (ThinKingDom, 2017)

Luis Sepúlveda/Quint Buchholz
Der langsame Weg zum Glück – Ein Schneckenabenteuer
(The Snail that Discovered the Importance of Being Slow, 2015)

German edition

Takashi Hiraide/feat. pictures by Quint Buchholz
Der Gast im Garten
(A Guest Cat, 2015)

German edition

Quint Buchholz
Im Land der Bücher
(In the Land of Books, 2013)

German edition
Brazilian/Portuguese edition (Panda Books, 2019)
Italian edition (beisler editore, 2014)
Spanish edition (Nórdica Libros, 2014)
Danish edition (ABC Forlag, 2013)
Chinese edition (Taiwan) (Grimm Press, 2013)
Chinese edition (China) (Jiangxi Education, 2017)
Latvian edition (Jānis Roze apgads, 2014)

Quint Buchholz
Schlaf gut, kleiner Bär
(Sleep Well, Little Bear, 2011)

German edition
Spanish edition (Lóguez Ediciones, 2011)
Italian edition (beisler editore, 2014)
Croatian edition (Planet Zoe, 2012)
Turkish edition (Gergedan Yayinlari, 2016)
Taiwanese edition (Grimm Press, 2000)
Chinese edition (New Star Press, 2010)

Elke Heidenreich / Quint Buchholz
Nero Corleone

New German edition (dtv Hanser Series, 2011)

Lucy and Stephen Hawking
Der geheime Schlüssel zum Universum
(George’s Secret Key to the Universe, 2007)

German edition (cbj/Random House, 2007/2010)

Gudrun Mebs / Quint Buchholz
Die Sara, die zum Circus will
(Sara Wants to Join the Circus, 1990/2006)

German edition
Chinese edition (New Star Press, 2010)

Quint Buchholz
(BookPictureBook, 1997)

Spanish edition (Nordica Libros, 2016)
Chinese edition (Taiwan) (Grimm Press, 2001)
Chinese edition (New Star Press, 2015)

Quint Buchholz
Der Sammler der Augenblicke
(The Collector of Moments, 1997)

German edition (Carl Hanser, 1997)
Chinese edition (Taiwan) (Grimm Press, 1998)
Danish edition (CDR Forlag, 1999)
English edition (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999)
French edition (Editions Milan, 1998)
Korean edition (Prooni, 2005)
Spanish edition (Lóguez Ediciones, 1998)

Elke Heidenreich / Quint Buchholz
Nero Corleone (1995)

German edition

Elke Heidenreich / Quint Buchholz
Nero Corleone kehrt zurück
(Nero Corleone Returns, 2011)

German edition

Katherine Scholes / Quint Buchholz
Sams Wal
(The Boy and the Whale, 1996/2015, 29th edition)

German edition
Italian edition