“Magic Words” published by Sanssouci

“Earth’es tunes will start resounding if you find the magic word,” wrote the German late romantic Joseph von Eichendorff in his poem “Magic Wand” (1835). Eichendorff is speaking of the power that words have of continuously telling us something new about us and our world. Like Eichendorff, Quint Buchholz feels that some words of the German language hold a special magic and unique energy. The “painter of quiet dreams” (Elke Heidenreich) tries to bring this magic to life in his new book “Magic Words”, which will be published by Sanssouci in September 2016.

In this book, the award-winning author and illustrator brings together some of his favorite words and a selection of his paintings. On 43 double pages, one word and one picture engage in a dialogue, give each other meaning, tell entirely new and magical stories. By means of the pictures, the words start vibrating, singing, coming to life.

A book full of quiet poetry and beginnings of stories that beg to be told – now available for pre-order at many retailers.

“I want to tell stories through pictures – of encouragement and consolation, of the gift of time, of immersion and quietude and concentration. Of living and reading at one’s own speed.” – Quint Buchholz

“His breezy, pointillist illustrations are masterpieces of the atmospheric, they are pictures that retain their mystique and do not give anything away in advance.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung


Quint Buchholz
Hardcover 96 pages
€ 16,00 (D)
ISBN 978-3-99056-001-3

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