Canon of Literature – Book Lovers

The Canon of Literature is an incredible and attractive major project that feeds enthusiasm for books in unusual ways and tells us about many well-loved books.

It was initiated, got under way and designed by the bookseller Thomas Schmitz and designer Dirk Uhlenbrock from Essen Werden, and brought into being and filled with life by 20 booksellers and 2000 readers from 20 places in Germany. In the 21st volume 100 people whose lives are involved with books such as publishers, authors, illustrators and booksellers are given one page each to tell us about their favourite book.

Anyone who would like to know more, to see the splendid colourful clothcover – well, virtually, at least, – or immediately order the whole series or volume 21 can find all further information here.

For the text by Quint Buchholz – on an exhibition catalogue of the Canadian painter Alex Colville – see here.