“… in the world’s most beautiful pictures”: Quint Buchholz on Hanser Rauschen

For “Hanser Rauschen”, a bi-weekly literature podcast produced by publishers of the Hanser Group, editors are currently interviewing people from the world of books, such as writers, readers, other editors and publishers.

Quint Buchholz has created many book covers and illustrated books for Hanser — among them “Sofie’s World” and “Nero Corleone”, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this past fall.

In episode no. 45, he talks with Saskia Heintz, head of Hanser’s children’s and adolescents’ book section, about their longstanding cooperation, about his books and paintings, about inspiration and the importance of taking one’s time every once in a while.

The podcast can be listened to on the Hanser publishers’ website. It is also available on iTunes / Apple Podcast, on Spotify and Deezer as well as all usual podcatchers, Soundcloud and YouTube.