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“Magic Words” published by Sanssouci

“Earth’es tunes will start resounding if you find the magic word,” wrote the German late romantic Joseph von Eichendorff in his poem “Magic Wand” (1835). Eichendorff is speaking of the power that words have of continuously telling us something new about us and our world. Like Eichendorff, Quint Buchholz feels that some words of the German language hold a special magic and unique energy. The “painter of quiet dreams” (Elke Heidenreich) tries to bring this magic to life in his new book “Magic Words”, which will be published by Sanssouci in September 2016.

In this book, the award-winning author and illustrator brings together some of his favorite words and a selection of his paintings. On 43 double pages, one word and one picture engage in a dialogue, give each other meaning, tell entirely new and magical stories. By means of the pictures, the words start vibrating, singing, coming to life.

A book full of quiet poetry and beginnings of stories that beg to be told – now available for pre-order at many retailers.

“I want to tell stories through pictures – of encouragement and consolation, of the gift of time, of immersion and quietude and concentration. Of living and reading at one’s own speed.” – Quint Buchholz

“His breezy, pointillist illustrations are masterpieces of the atmospheric, they are pictures that retain their mystique and do not give anything away in advance.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung


Quint Buchholz
Hardcover 96 pages
€ 16,00 (D)
ISBN 978-3-99056-001-3

Boot_mit_PfirsichenDie Hueter der TraeumeSeptembernachmittagMann_und_Hund

Sleep Well, Little Bear in the ZEIT Special Edition

A new edition of the popular children’s classic Sleep Well, Little Bear by Quint Buchholz (recipient i.a. of the New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year Award) has appeared as part of the ZEIT Picture Book Edition “My Year in Picture Books” on March 10, 2016.

This lovingly crafted, colorful book collection for children, featuring 12 award-winning well-known and new picture books, will help to guide little readers through the year. From the different seasons to special holidays like Easter and Christmas, from birthdays to more serious events like death – the ZEIT editorial staff have picked one of the most beautiful picture books to go with each important topic that gives children a sense of time.

In this collection, the magical bedtime story Sleep Well, Little Bear will appear alongside popular books such as e.g. the “Spring Wimmelbook” by Rotraut Susanne Berner or “Santa’s Littlest Helper” by Anu Stohner and Henrike Wilson.


“Buchholz’s luminous, delicate drawings perfectly convey the excitement left over from an ordinary day that would be too good to end, if it weren’t for the promise of tomorrow.” (Sandy MacDonald, Reviews)

“In both its language and its art, this nighttime dreamscape offers images sweet and soothing.” (Publishers Weekly)

“a wonderful book, with truly exceptional illustrations” (Amazon customer)

“This picture book is captivating from the opening lines, and the sumptuous artwork is full of new discoveries with each subsequent reading. The narrative has a gentle rhythm and phrasing that captures how a young soul sees the world. Few picture books deliver such a magical experience.” (Amazon customer)


Quint Buchholz
“Schlaf gut, kleiner Bär”
in the ZEIT picture book edition “My year in picture books”
12 picture books in a box
Hardcover 32 pages
€ 99,95 (D)


The Story of a Snail Who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow

The Fischer publishing house has released Luis Sepúlveda’s wonderfully different animal story in German on September 24, 2015.

A young, inquisitive snail emerges from his metaphorical shell in Dandelion Land and embarks on a journey through the big world. He sets out to learn the reason why he is so slow, and to make himself a name – since all things have proper names except snails! His friendship with Memory the turtle soon teaches him the value of friendship, diversity and solidarity, and finally rewards him for his courage and perseverance.

A tribute to thoughtfulness, to children’s curiosity and the surprising perspectives in life that will be an inspiration to both growing and grown-up readers – illustrated by Quint Buchholz.

“This is what special books look like… unique works of art in the children’s book sector.”
Manuela Haselberger, in
Eselsohr, December 4, 2015

For more information about the book and a look at a longer excerpt, visit Fischer’s website.

Luis Sepúlveda
“Der langsame Weg zum Glück – Ein Schneckenabenteuer”(Original title: Historia de un caracol que descubrió la importancia de la lentitud)
Hardcover 80 pages
€ 14,99 (D)
ISBN 978-3-7373-5161-4

Also published as an audio book by Argon Hörbuchverlag.
€ 14,95 (D)
ISBN 978-3-8398-4708-4


Draughtsmen in Defence of Freedom of Expression

Twenty-nine draughtsmen and women collaborating on a book project initiated and edited by Klaus Humann. With a preface by Andreas Platthaus (FAZ). The pictures in it were done within a few days of each other in January 2015, just a short time after the Paris attack.

Aladin Verlag is publishing the book on 12th February 2015, all profits to go to the PEN “Writers in Prison” campaign.

The contributors are: ATAK, Jutta Bauer, Larissa Bertonasco, Quint Buchholz, Flix, Bob Graham, Nikolaus Heidelbach, David Hughes, Janosch, Joelle Jolivet, Ulf K., Regina Kehn, Reinhard Kleist, Ole Könnecke, Isabel Kreitz, Marine Ludin, Ulli Lust, Hildegard Müller, Thomas M. Müller, Christoph Niemann, Moni Port, Chris Riddell, Axel Scheffler, Peter Sís, Ralph Steadman, Philip Wächter, David Wiesner, Sabine Wilharm and Barbara Yelin.

You can click to see Quint Bucholz’s picture below, another picture on the theme, but not in the book, is here.

There is more about the book on the Aladin Verlag website.

“Zeichner verteidigen die Meinungsfreiheit”
(Draughsmen in Defence of Freedom of Expression)
Klaus Humann (Editor)
Hardcover 48 pages
€ 12,90 (Germany)
ISBN: 978-3-8489-2070-9

„In the Land of Books“: A Hymn to the Joy of Reading

The magical, atmospheric, poetic pictures in Quint Buchholz’ new book sing the praises of the colourful variety of books – and of the variety of life itself and how very different our experience of it is.

“Quint Buchholz is the painter of gentle dreams. His pictures, with their clever minimal text, tell us everything that a book can be to us: comfort, home, protection, a shield, a bed – we dream and dive through this book, happiness gently snowing down upon us until we emerge again at the end.”
Elke Heidenreich

“This is a book of books, full of devotion, in which the pictures work hand in hand with words, sound, rhythmn and (colour-)tones. A gift.”
Christine Knödler in the Münchener Feuilleton

“The author tells us all that a book can be to us and what the virtual world can never give us in 26 still, quiet, wonderful, cheering yet melancholic pictures accompanied by the lines of a poem: the actual, tangible experience of another world when we pick up a book and set out on a journey with him.”
Lena Naumann in mundus

“Buchholz has indeed created something to treasure here: the text is short, but moving. And with pictures, that – moving somewhere between photorealism and surrealism – arrest the attention as something both magically strange and subtly humorous.”
Udo Watter in the SZ

“What he paints is always mysterious in his very own special way. It contains wisdom – and an inner freedom, that looks self-evident here, although it isn’t so for most of us in everyday life.”
Neues Deutschland

Book trailer – Spanish Edition.

A beautiful review written by Donna McKinnon on
“32 pages – a passion for picture books”

The book was published on 26th August 2013 by Hanser Verlag.