A Guest Cat

Takashi Hiraides’ novel “A Guest Cat” will be published on 7th March 2015 by Insel Verlag. Over the last year since publication it has become a surprise bestseller in the USA as well as in England.

Canon of Literature – Book Lovers

The Canon of Literature is an incredible and attractive major project that feeds enthusiasm for books in unusual ways and tells us about many well-loved books.

Draughtsmen in Defence of Freedom of Expression

Twenty-nine draughtsmen and women collaborating on a book project initiated and edited by Klaus Humann. With a preface by Andreas Platthaus (FAZ). The pictures in it were done within a few days of each other in January 2015, just a short time after the Paris attack.

Workshop in Bad Reichenhall

Quint Buchholz will be giving a workshop on Illustration in Bad Reichenhall from 15th to 20th June 2015.

A Portrait.

“A consideration of the pictures of the Munich artist Quint Buchholz makes you forget the time, calm down, begin to marvel and to question, to be spellbound by a magic that most of us have let slip through our fingers because of the hectic pace at which the world works.”

„In the Land of Books“: A Hymn to the Joy of Reading

The magical, atmospheric, poetic pictures in Quint Buchholz' new book sing the praises of the colourful variety of books – and of the variety of life itself and how very different our experience of it is.